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What to see and to do around Danta di Cadore

Comelico valley and the Dolomites

The Torbiere


The Torbiere of Danta di Cadore are one of the most important natural sites of the Veneto region. The starting point is the Provincial Road 6, which connects Danta to Auronzo di Cadore. In the first stretch, in correspondence of the Torbiera Soligena, you bump into willows and rushes in expansion. Later you enter a wood of white and red firs, where you can also find some scots pines and junipers, but most of all you can admire the so called Sfagni, i.d. mosses which develope thanks to the high acidity of the land. Moreover you can find coloured flowers and red berries, which are not edible, sprinkling this sort of carpet. More difficult to identify is the Drosera, a pitcher plant which is typical of the Torbiere.

Val Comelico‎

You can spend a full and wonderful Summer in the Val Comelico: strolls, nordic walking, day trips, trekking, climbing, mountain biking and horse riding. In our little paradise you can walk on the numerous trails, which, from meadows situated in valley floors and from woods and pastures reach mountain passes, crests and mountaintops, giving the possibility to enjoy incomparable landscapes.

Lose yourself in time and nature, listen to your own steps, taste the savory local dishes. That’s what always stays at you disposal!


Dolomiti Nordicski

It’s Europe’s biggest cross-country carousel, with 1,300 km of tracks. A cross-country dream comes true for all those who love it. The biggest cross-country carousel in Europe with more than 1,300 km of tracks in 10 resorts is not only attractive, but also varied with splendid tours amidst the Dolomites, a unified price system, a one-stop ski pass, exciting events, Dolomiti Nordicski Hotels aimed at the target group, and top offers. Special service: GPS download for each tour.


Flora and fauna

Thanks to its number of rare species, the quality and state of preservation of its biocoenosis, the complex of the Torbiere of Danta represents one of the most important natural sites – offering an interesting vegetation-floristic image – of the Veneto region. Anyway, thanks to its relatively young knowledge (from the 90s) the possibility of new discoveries opens up.

Dolomiti Trail

Dolomiti Trail suggests a trail in the Dolomites you can follow walking or by mountain bike. The project was born in 2013 with the aim of offering a unique experience in a unique environment to all mountain-lovers. After three years it has evolved, got better, changed in its appearance, but the essence remains in having fun, cultivating passion and practicing sports in the open air. A fascinating adventure through valleys, centuries-old woods, rocky crests and intense green paths, this is the Dolomiti Trail.


Dolomiti Super Ski

A harmonious carousel with 12 skiing areas and state of-the-art lift facilities with 1,200 km of daily groomed and sunny slopes, you just can’t wait to get your skis gliding over. You’ll be spoilt for choice, as there’s a slope for everyone: from the easiest one for beginners followed by ski instructors, to places of daring you’d never thought of going before. Simply amazing.


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